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Elizabeth of York married Henry Tudor after the bloody War of the Roses ended. Their first son, Arthur, represented everything England needed: union, peace and prosperity. The Houses of York and Lancaster finally together in one. However, Elizabeth had a horrible feeling as she held him for the first time: that her precious boy would never be King of England.

Join Elizabeth and Arthur in this story about the first Tudor years. Experience ingredients of life at Henry VII's court: power, revenge, secrets, sorcery and, unexpectedly, true love.

**This is the sequel of THE YORK ROSE, but the story does stand for itself**

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SissaRomanova SissaRomanova May 11, 2013
@SnakeEyez_ Don't advertise your stuff in my book or send me requests. It's plain rude and I don't appreciate it.
SissaRomanova SissaRomanova May 05, 2013
@GemmaLawrence31 Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I am very happy to know you're enjoying it =] You might see a bit of "Boleyn" here and there! ;D
GemmaLawrence31 GemmaLawrence31 May 05, 2013
This is right up my street! The thing I find most exciting about your work is not only the lovely style you have, but the deep understanding of the period. Its enticing to find someone who has really done their research and manages to make the period come to life.
SissaRomanova SissaRomanova Apr 27, 2013
@Bibiana1313 I know, I think he was fascinating. After all, the boy was special, he was the son who brought peace to England! It's a pity that ended the way it did. And I love Gregory's "The Constant Princess"! =]
Bibiana1313 Bibiana1313 Apr 26, 2013
So few people write about Prince Arthur. The only other book I have read about him and Catherine was 'The Constant Princess.' I feel he was so.much more than just a weak boy who died early.
SissaRomanova SissaRomanova Feb 16, 2013
@CryingSilver Thank you! And back then it was considered sinful, just because it is a pain the woman had to go through after Eva's sin of eating from the forbidden fruit =P