Elizabeth of York married Henry Tudor after the bloody War of the Roses ended. Their first son, Arthur, represented everything England needed: union, peace and prosperity. The Houses of York and Lancaster finally together in one. However, Elizabeth had a horrible feeling as she held him for the first time: that her precious boy would never be King of England.
    Join Elizabeth and Arthur in this story about the first Tudor years. Experience ingredients of life at Henry VII's court: power, revenge, secrets, sorcery and, unexpectedly, true love.
    **This is the sequel of THE YORK ROSE, but the story does stand for itself**
I am reminded of Philippa Gregory: Melusina, the mother in law not sitting in her presence, infanta etc. Have you ever read her work?
Where's the cast for this? I was really hoping to see what Arthur would look like.
I'm enjoying your first book.in this series, but I honestly feel that this one is better, I think your writing is much more mature, more skilled and confident. You've got into the skin of Elizabeth here and its more believable because you're more confident with her. I really like this.
This is right up my street! The thing I find most exciting about your work is not only the lovely style you have, but the deep understanding of the period. Its enticing to find someone who has really done their research and manages to make the period come to life.
So few people write about Prince Arthur. The only other book I have read about him and Catherine was 'The Constant Princess.' I feel he was so.much more than just a weak boy who died early.
this is going to be as good as the first book if not better
                                    one thing that confuses me, how is giving birth sinful?