The Publicist's Plight (Book I in The Harrison Inc. Series) | ✓

The Publicist's Plight (Book I in The Harrison Inc. Series) | ✓

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(Rewritten version of 'Playboy Rehab' - Wattys 2014 Winner) 

Leslie King is a publicist nestled in the heart of Los Angeles representing Garrett Harrison, president of Harrison Incorporated - one of the world's leading real estate and brokerage empires. Having had Garrett Harrison as her client for years, she has grown used to the uniformity in her job - not to mention the uniformity in her personal life. 

However, when Garrett Harrison shares the news of his retirement, Leslie's professional and personal life becomes anything but the harmonious routine she has grown used to. Sebastian Harrison - handsome Hollywood playboy and the youngest son of Garrett Harrison - enters Leslie's life in the most unusual of ways as she is asked to turn the King of Debauchery into a man fit and trusted enough to become the CEO of Harrison Incorporated. 

Even though Leslie vows to fulfill the expectations of the task handed to her, she soon discovers that Sebastian Harrison's past is darker and more complicated than what she has read and researched about him. Now, Leslie is caught between satisfying the expectations of her job description and helping the mysterious and twisted spirit that Sebastian Harrison possesses. 

Regardless of what choice she makes, Leslie knows that there is more to Sebastian Harrison than she could have ever prepared herself for.

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LazyCrazyLady LazyCrazyLady Aug 23, 2017
Well hopefully you're not just giving your heart to your partner, but you're trading it.
LazyCrazyLady LazyCrazyLady Aug 23, 2017
Don't you only put in 'nudity' if it's a movie? It's not like we are going to SEE them naked. 😂
kayxcxxo kayxcxxo Apr 05, 2017
I was just about to read the old version of this story until I read your author's note in the beginning of you strongly advising that I read the rewritten version instead and so now I'm here 😅 I'm actually excited for this story because it sounds cool so..👌🏽
BritBrat429 BritBrat429 Sep 17, 2016
I read the blurb for the original book and found it to be so interesting, but then I discovered the rewritten version and now I feel so conflicted 😭😭😭 of course it's best to read the rewritten one but it's still ongoing while the original version is completed . Ughh IDK 😩😩😩
LyricalGem LyricalGem Jun 17, 2016
Omg they only have a month? The first one was comical, sophisticated with drama in the craziest corners.  Am I ready for this?  *strapping boots up*  Im rocking with u 100% so let's get it. 💛💛💛
aishwaryao aishwaryao Nov 22, 2015
I have been following you since the first version
                              there is no comparision though
                              they are good in there own way
                              But i specially loved your harrison wedding series
                              may i know will you ever continue writing harrision wedding series
                              i love your writing