Bad Vibes//Teen Wolf

Bad Vibes//Teen Wolf

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"Great not only have we dealt with Peters psycho killing spree, homicidal lizards, now we have to deal with an alpha pack. Just perfect."

"We'll survive."

"You say that now Scott, but I have a bad feeling this time."

(Book 3:Sequel to Moving On)

Under Heavily Editing

Dab_riella Dab_riella Nov 21, 2016
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i_love124 i_love124 Jul 15, 2015
I really don't want Isaac and Allison together  
                              It will be big disappointment
loves_life loves_life May 27, 2015
@xKol_Mikaelsonx I don't want Isaac and Alison together either
theoraeken_ theoraeken_ May 13, 2015
I thing layla and stiles are my otp but then there's Isaac but I thing her and aiden or going to be best friends
kindheartedteen kindheartedteen May 13, 2015
I want something to happen between Layla and Aiden. Like they become very good friends or even more. Or like if Layla and Isaac are dating he cheats on her with Allison. And Layla would be so upset that she actually calls Jackson.  So many possibilities
supertigerboss supertigerboss May 12, 2015
Stiles is going to make a move on Layla and he is going to come between Layla and Isaacs relationship or the twins hurt Layla and Adien likes her