[1] Silver & Gold | Pietro Maximoff [AOU]

[1] Silver & Gold | Pietro Maximoff [AOU]

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#304 in Fanfiction - 9/18/16

Iris, a 'failed' HYDRA experiment, is a light manipulator that was assumed dead. She is the first survivor of human experimentation and was labelled a failure after completely decimating the HYDRA facility holding her. Not only was the facility destroyed, but also the many lives inside it. Or so everyone thought. Baron von Strucker was the only exception.

Now what happens when the smart-mouthed, quick-witted light manipulator is caught by the Avengers? Will she stay and fight with them? Or turn to the deranged robot Tony accidentally created? 

Either way, she'll meet two others like her. Pietro and Wanda Maximoff; a wise cracking speedster and a fierce brunette telekinetic, one of which takes a liking to Iris.

The only problem? 

They don't all exactly see eye-to-eye.

•Story created 5/25/15•
•Story completed 3/8/16•

This song makes me emotional. My brother is in the military and it makes me think of him and what would happen if he died.