Going The Distance

Going The Distance

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Bex By Xebbex Updated Oct 12, 2015

Growing up as the child of rock stars was hard, but Amber had her two best friends Jackson and Daniel beside her. They understood each other in a way no one else could. Until Amber moved away at 13 to NY and everything went downhill. Her best friends seemed to forget her, and her new home was anything but. After four and a half years of inner turmoil and heartache Amber's parents send her back to spend the last 6 months of school with her patchwork family friends, The smiths.

Amber has to forgive her old friends in order to get her second chance, but she soon learns that moving on, doesn't mean forgetting and she has to face the hurt she hoped she could lock away forever.

Jackson wants to help her, and Daniel wants to date her. Amber falls for one of them, but old secrets surface that threaten to ruin everything.

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wavesinthesea wavesinthesea Jul 23, 2015
                              Wow sorry, this comment was really late
zacatecoluca1 zacatecoluca1 Jun 08, 2015
I felt related to Nick and his unforgetable wife then to Scarlett and Xavier now this kids are like my grandkids and I'm not even that old...lol
ygarcia071 ygarcia071 May 19, 2015
Love the continuation of the story lines!!! Especially with series that I loved soo much! Thanks for continuing to write great stories
-YellowRoses- -YellowRoses- May 12, 2015
I'm so confused can someone remind me who's parent it whose?
                              Who are the parents of Amber
teariffic teariffic May 12, 2015
Loving the mystery here and all the familiar characters !! I'm so intrigued with what happened to her and I'm pretty sure it's going to break Jackson when he finds out. Bring it on! Haha
- - May 12, 2015
Hi! I love you. And I wanted to be the first person to comment! YAY