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You're the Spring In My Step ~Yandere! Springtrap X Reader X Brandon~

You're the Spring In My Step ~Yandere! Springtrap X Reader X Brandon~

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VilliansRule By VilliansRule Updated Sep 17, 2015

Y/n L/n was a 18 year old who wanted adventure in her life. One night, Brandon (her boyfriend) and her go on the Fazbear Fright Tour. While there, Y/n experiences weird things and soon she catches the attention of the one known as Springtrap.  Soon the young teen is being stalked by the golden bunny animatronic. Her whole life is turned upside down as she is engulfed into Springtrap's grasp and soon she even questions her love for Brandon. Will Y/n make it out alive or will there be blood spilt in the act for love?
-This book is not related to my "You're My Light" Book and is completely different though both readers have the same problem.
-Brandon isn't necessarily an actual person he's just a person I made up.
-Images/ Videos don't belong to me unless I say so.

Better put whatever I'd trying to come out back where it came from, I WILL STAB YOU
uhh, not to be rude but are both my arms and legs prostestic?
DragonMoth5102 DragonMoth5102 Feb 08, 2016
Who sang that song out loud and got sad when it ended on such a very anticipating note?
BogglesTheDestroyer BogglesTheDestroyer Nov 26, 2016
I don't trust him.
                              I'm sorry, but he is really suspicious to me.
project5841 project5841 May 05, 2016
I don't think I'd be dating this guy. Honestly, I really want him to be safe yet I wouldn't be dating him. I mean we'd be friends but that's it
cajunotaku0998 cajunotaku0998 Jun 21, 2016
I will rip your eyes out of you head and wear them as a necklace if you keep looking at me like that you nasty ass perv