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Autumn Affections {4 Seasons of Nalu} 2nd book

Autumn Affections {4 Seasons of Nalu} 2nd book

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-Astraea- By -Astraea- Completed

This is the second book to Summer Love. Summer is over and now Lucy is home with her Dad and sister, getting ready to start her senior year in high school. Natsu , her boyfriend, is now living 45 minutes away in Nixon, Texas, working at a Motocross Raceway teaching lessons, and coming to see her every weekend. Almost perfect!? Not quite. Lucy  is having major insecurities over losing Natsu to another girl, based on her last boyfriend cheating experience. Natsu tries to comfort her, "I'm still yours, your still mine. We will make it through this school year". He even tells her for the first time, that he loves her. She still fights it, as her best friend, Levy, constantly gushes about her boyfriend! It doesn't help that she also battles with the realization that her dad now has a serious girlfriend, right when she is struggling with the decision whether she is ready to have sex with Natsu for the first time. When Natsu takes her to the track to show her where he works, it gets even worse with all the girls swooning over Natsu as the celebrity he is on the motocross circuit. She has got to get a handle on her jealousy before it wrecks everything!


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ma1d1ta21 ma1d1ta21 Feb 08, 2016
KYAHHHHHH!!!!! I'm excited toreadthe next chappy!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
FirePhoenixFlameAxe FirePhoenixFlameAxe May 03, 2016
Yay he ships nalu.. Hold the phone that says Ethan which scared me but it is just and error . thank goodness
kloobie kloobie Jun 17, 2016
OMG THATS LIKE..... *counts fingers* 5 YEARS OMG. I'm so good at math :D
kouhasbuttcheeks kouhasbuttcheeks Apr 11, 2016
OMG THATS LIKE...*does math on chalk board*
                              *10 hours later*
                              OMG! 5 DAYS! :0
eatchair eatchair Nov 22, 2016
InfiniteMiste InfiniteMiste Sep 26, 2016
24 x 5 is 120. 120 hours without the person you love is probably a long time. (or my math is wrong and I'm stupid)