{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Dipcifica Fan Fiction]

{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Dipcifica Fan Fiction]

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Because I Can By RyxxCium Completed

Dipper Pines is the new kid at Falls High School. He, along with his sister Mabel, move to Gravity Falls due to some issues back at home. Having to abandon their old friends, both Mabel and Dipper struggle to fit in with the students at Falls High.

Mabel is the bubbly and energetic type of person that could instantly make anyone fall for her charms. 

Dipper is another story. He isn't a easy-go-lucky guy. He's more of a nerd, enjoying to read books instead of going out to party and socialize. Though he may appear weak and fragile, he isn't afraid to stand up for what he thought was wrong.

But what would happen if he happened to have an encounter with Pacifica Northwest? Pacifica, the name would make anyone at Falls High want to go hide in a locker.

Pacifica Northwest is the queen of Falls High. If she wants something, she gets it. And if she wants Dipper on his knees, she will get it.

Will their encounter start something other than hatred? Or will it start a war? Maybe even, Love.

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NefeldaHeart NefeldaHeart Jun 22, 2017
Okay Dip Dip calm down since when are you cool, and since when were pears the new "a$$hole" apples?
DonnieGenevish DonnieGenevish Nov 02, 2017
How long are these periods to have 8 of em, I only have 4 classes a day, hour and forty five minutes long
Lizzey13_ Lizzey13_ Jul 20, 2017
Teachers who would probably kill(I don't know if they are teachers yet but just a guess):Mr.Poolcheck, Bill and...And...Well no one I guess
pRestInPeace pRestInPeace Nov 16, 2016
You know, I thought Wendy would be the PE teacher, not the Chemestry... D*mnit
iKnowNotEnough iKnowNotEnough Jul 28, 2016
You know. Normally I'd litter my book titles all over for recognition but RyxxCium is like the most active author I know
tessiebarnes tessiebarnes Aug 14, 2016
Pacifica on the teacher's desk, making out with a make teacher or student. :)