Barton's Little Sister

Barton's Little Sister

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Julianne Barton is an agent for shield. The only problem, is that she's very independent, but what happens when she has to work with the Avengers to find and save her brother? What happens when she falls for Captain America and when he falls for her?   

*This story will take place during the Avengers, Captain America the Winter Soldier, and Avengers Age Of Ultron.*

*There will be some things going on in between the movies.*

*I will let you know when the story is going into aou, but if you haven't seen it yet then don't read the chapters.*

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AlexFeifel AlexFeifel Jun 23, 2017
I love how she goes right away for "not interested" like me too😂
haileyxlmetal haileyxlmetal Mar 12, 2017
I feel like a professional documrnt wouldn't say 'superhero name' but rather something like 'alias'
Toms_a_chipmunk Toms_a_chipmunk Sep 20, 2017
Russian, Italian, French, English, Hebrew, Spanish, German... But I never learned Irish and Polish so... Cool
laryssa_ortiz laryssa_ortiz Jul 13, 2017
Uh hola?
                              I only speak English and Spanish and Portuguese soo....
Wisegirl1080 Wisegirl1080 Jan 12, 2017
I just automatically bought of Charlie the unicorn where there like      We have to be sneaky Charlie sneaky
Paredesmildred92 Paredesmildred92 Nov 21, 2016
But after Clint has been brought to normal......... Everything between Julianne and himself will be perfect!!!!