Chemical Imbalance {Teacher Freddy Fazbear x Bullied Reader} #Wattys2015 (COMPLETE)

Chemical Imbalance {Teacher Freddy Fazbear x Bullied Reader} #Wattys2015 (COMPLETE)

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You absolutely hated the fact that you moved to Dabryn, Louisiana. You hated the rain, how cold it was, and the kids there all knew each other, making you the black sheep of the school, and a nice target. Everything slowly changes when your science teacher, Mrs. Pearl is replaced with a handsome male that goes by the name Mr. Fazbear. After he arrives, students start going missing. Does he have anything to do with it?

(This is a X Reader insert. Basic inputs applied, and Dabryn is a made up name. If it's a real town name, please let me know. o^o)

I don't own FNAF.
You belong to you, yourself, and Freddy (Lucky .-.)

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First impression of my fictional sister: She's... something else.
DarkAlune DarkAlune Sep 17, 2016
Wow...waiting until the last minute... Why just why????(┳Д┳)(┳Д┳)
evelynn_tmnt_oc evelynn_tmnt_oc Oct 22, 2016
This is kind of weird because I have a friend named Jon, spelt the same way, and I have a huge crush on him.  Though, he didn't look like a bear.  Basically the opposite.  But still extremely tall X3
Quazek Quazek Oct 30, 2016
Ironic my oldest's sister's boyfriend's name was Jareth. We always joked around about a Jared being his evil twin.
Kitkat0115 Kitkat0115 Aug 01, 2016
That actually hurts because my father died from a heart attack the day before my birthday
yandereforthebooty yandereforthebooty Nov 19, 2016
. I will take her goddamn boyfriend and break her bed so when she sleeps she will break her bed throw her boyfriend in a endless pit. Make her suffering body a sex doll after tattooing the words whore on her forehead, sell her, then I will be happy in my life. :)