Fate || Trevor Moran

Fate || Trevor Moran

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16 year old Bree Smith is abused and she cuts. Her mom is dead and her dad hits her. Hurting herself is one of the only ways that makes her feel better. A close second is the YouTube collab channel our2ndlife, mostly Trevor. Her sister Kate lives in L.A. where Bree will soon live also. Little does she know she will soon meet the Trevor Moran of o2l and possibly  fall deeply in love with him.

Btw this takes place now but we're gonna pretend o2l is still together and the o2l house is still a thing *crys*

The beginning isn't amazing but it gets pretty good

This story includes self harm so read at your own risk

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TheFatFangirl TheFatFangirl Jun 17, 2016
Not to interrupt but i know this will never happen cuz hes gay
I just realized her initials spell BTS.......AND I LOVE BTS!!!!!!
TheFatFangirl TheFatFangirl Jun 17, 2016
Its 2017 now... *sheds a tear*
                              Also can I just say that today is my birthday party and everyone is downstairs dancing and stuff while I'm locked up in my room reading fanfic
XxBubblezHDxX XxBubblezHDxX Nov 17, 2016
Any boys I like at my school are always short or they're taken or I know they don't like me back or its the twin to who my best friend like :(
snazzycucumber snazzycucumber Aug 10, 2016
I would be really awkward and stutter all kinds of weird things and then i feel like he would just laugh at me and then he would find me weird and never look at me again ;_;