Heating Things Up (Book Three of The Creators Saga)

Heating Things Up (Book Three of The Creators Saga)

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With Rose and Mickey gone, the Doctor and the Alchemist work on getting back on their feet. With their Bond newly forged after the Alchemist's regeneration, they take on Martha Jones for their new journeys.

While the Alchemist stumbles, she will never fall. She has the Doctor behind her, the oddest sense about the elusive Mr. Saxon, and has a secret she still keeps from him . . .

But what's life without a few secrets? Their relationship is heating up, but will they come to a boil, or emerge in a meltdown?

Book Three of The Creators Saga.


I do not own Doctor Who. The Alchemist, however, is my OC, and she belongs to me.

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The_Fury The_Fury Jan 29
I've always thought the cameraman looked kind of like Pippin from LOTR
Cesarlove33 Cesarlove33 Mar 20, 2017
AHHHH these are the absolute BEST doctor who fanfics ever !!!!!
DravenBoone DravenBoone Oct 14, 2016
She's still American right? I mean I assumed because the actor is american
Bigwave-X Bigwave-X Nov 24, 2016
Kinda surprised she knows what Star Trek is. She really hasn't got much chance to experience human culture.
psychoanalyze psychoanalyze Jun 23, 2016
I'm just curious about what you're gonna do when River shows up later.
HybridCraft_HGF HybridCraft_HGF Aug 31, 2016
Oh I just love this episode! THEY'VE ALL BEEN HAD! HAHAHA XD