Living In Time And Space (Book Six of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)

Living In Time And Space (Book Six of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)

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The Big Bang has commenced, and the universe is still in existence, thanks to the Doctor and Jessie blowing up the Pandorica. The cracks in time have closed, but the threat of the Silence remains at large.

Not only may Amy be pregnant, but the companions on the TARDIS have doubled. FitzSimmons has joined, the Avengers are assembling once more, and tensions are higher than ever.

It may be tough living in time and space, but it's even tougher living with a secret.

Especially when it involves a fixed point in time, and the death of someone everyone in the universe loves. The question everyone knows will be answered, and not the one all expects.

What would you do to save the person you love?

Book Six in The Bad Wolf Chronicles.


I do not own Doctor Who, nor do I own "Agents of SHIELD" and anything else MARVEL related. I only own Jessie Nightshade aka the Bad Wolf. Saleen Harper belongs to Daughter_of_Time and my lovely cover was made by _marvelous.

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-incipient -incipient Apr 07, 2017
(Oh I changed my user since I last read so I used to be emsduvals hi there)
FangirliestFangirl FangirliestFangirl Apr 23, 2017
                              THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE BEST FIC EVER
-incipient -incipient Apr 07, 2017
And goddamñ it I will finish this fûcking series and then TDOATT if it kills me
Tje1415 Tje1415 Mar 24, 2016
Just casually screaming... Good thing only my brother is home with me...
fivejews fivejews May 15, 2015
I literally screeched when i saw the sixth book. Thank you So Much!!
fivejews fivejews May 14, 2015
i literally screeched when i saw the sixth book. thank you so much!!