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❝Sirius Black, what have you done to me?❞ She whispered to herself.
❝Whatever it was, I didn't mean to.❞ A voice said from the door causing her to jump.

Axel is given the chance to team up with her favourite book characters when she finds out the world of Harry Potter has been real the entire time. From the moment she met Regulus she knew the time was off but through the youngest Black sibling she met the man who would change her look on all things from friendship, family and the overall outlook on the world around her.

Once the forces of three of the Marauders are matched with Axel Bennett's muggle skills-they begin their trek to battle against the Dark Lord himself and stop future events and potentially save the lives of many witches, wizards and characters the young Brit had fallen in love with since childhood.

Will a Muggle be able to save the Wizarding World or will she crack under the pain of potentially changing her favourite books?

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14Alopex 14Alopex Mar 21
belsahar belsahar Jan 21
my brain would shut down if someone said that to me and I would immediately be like take me to Hogwarts
PraeFulgore PraeFulgore 5 days ago
I saw 31 comments on this one and I was like "these are my people"
kcbookslove kcbookslove Apr 03
I read the summary outside and am already screaming in excitement!!!!
                              Hope the book delivers *crossing fingers*
I wonder what would happen if she asked him if he was being Sirius
OMG ASK HIM HIS NAME even tho i no it’s prob Sirius but ya no