Once Upon a Slave

Once Upon a Slave

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XOXOX By jkervs1234 Updated Oct 09, 2018

In the kingdom of Carmonia, slaves and servants have very different roles. Slaves aren't paid, can't own property, can't speak unless spoken to, and even have to wear special bracelets that can only be cut off by their owners. 20 year old Will Hartlock knows the rules better than anyone. All his life he's been a slave to the rude, arrogant Prince Harris. He's never had anything worth fighting for.

That is, until Harris is betrothed to Princess Alexia of Seclusia. 

Princess Alexia has no desire to wed the awful prince of Carmonia, but she must to keep peace between the two nations, and stop a looming war. Soon, she finds comfort in Will, a the prince's personal slave at the palace. But their midnight meetings soon turn to something more. If caught, war will erupt, Will would get punished (or worse), and everything would go down in flames. 

Can Will and Alexia overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their love, or will hearts and kingdoms be shattered?

Cover credit: violetskies13

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Vondaggle Vondaggle Apr 18, 2018
Couldn’t they cut off their hand, i mean i know its a stupid idea but if you have an abusive master you’d think that you’d at least try
kaylakrul3s kaylakrul3s Aug 12, 2016
That was so beautiful I felt like crying and I never cry. *cries without tears*.
EggsyUnwinIsBae EggsyUnwinIsBae May 13, 2016
🎤a girl worth fighting foooor🎤
                              Lol I had to I love mulan
GenesisRodriguez981 GenesisRodriguez981 Jul 29, 2018
Well then. Someone hold me back before I marry him. Sorry Princess Alexia...but technically...I met him first in this story😂❤
pewdiecutie pewdiecutie Nov 29, 2018
Even though you didn't introduce his gaze raising, you did mention him looking back at the ground and I don't know why but this writing is honestly making me fangirl rn.
pewdiecutie pewdiecutie Nov 29, 2018
Oof that hurt my heart because my grandmother died of a stroke and I have heart issues. I'm actually about to leave school because I can't really breathe and keep getting dizzy, so you know. That's nice.