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Sophie By Lunar_Life Updated Jun 17, 2016

In a time of distress on Earth, where do they turn to? Space. Scientists searched in thousands of solar systems for planets in a Goldilocks zone, sending representatives to each planet to search the unknown and report back in five years and tell if the planet is fit for human life. What the humans don't consider are the effects when someone tries to expand beyond the atmosphere into unknown worlds.

On the other side of the universe, an unknown species commits a genocide to a planet that was home for millions. In an attempt to save their species, a man puts a young child, Stella Trill, into a small pod ship that will bring her to another planet to hide and grow up alone. The three year old spends seven years alone on this new planet: Kepler-22b. Then in her tenth year, her lonely  life isn't so lonely anymore.

*Kepler-22b is an actual planet that has the potential to sustain life*

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merciew merciew Jul 01, 2016
You're so much more descriptive than most authors I read, and I am absolutely in love with how you describe everything, omg