Hell's Angel: Book 2

Hell's Angel: Book 2

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N.A. Carson By varzanic Completed

--Demon Series: Book 2--

On his first moon, Aden shifts into a stunning white wolf with red marking, the sign of a perfect sub, the dream of any dominant male. To him, it's a bit of a let down, but it makes his mate happy. It makes Titus very, very happy. 

Titus takes his new mate home and though all Aden hears are compliments, he's hesitant to embrace his new role. He wants to be more than just a sub, who's expected to submit without question. 

His human side still clings to his old life. One where he could do as he wanted, without all the rules and dominants ordering him around.

But, the rules are there to protect him. A sub with beautiful white fur is bound to attract attention from males looking for that perfect mate. Because in this world, even the strongest werewolves' mates are at risk of being stolen.

popgoestheweezle popgoestheweezle Sep 18, 2016
twin brother? 
                              i dont have a twin (as far as ik) so im asking to see if im related to him
BlackPinkMaknae BlackPinkMaknae Mar 12, 2016
So can someone explain the difference between the original amd the new version cause I dont know if I should re read
CheyE670 CheyE670 Jul 01, 2015
Is this story on hold or what and why does it say it was updated t if u didn't update it nooooo. just please add another part
sh1r00 sh1r00 Jun 06, 2015
I love this version more~
                              looking forward for the next chapter and the next visit of Aden's parents! you rock!
I noticed Chris didn't get caught in the last story so does that mean he's still hunting werewolves and he's going to start hunting Aden?
TheMasterTara TheMasterTara Jun 01, 2015
I liked it went Darius said "You look like an angel...from hell" After Aden punched him.. I laughed. xD