Hell's Angel: Book 2

Hell's Angel: Book 2

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N.A. Carson By varzanic Completed

On his first moon, Aden finds a white wolf with red marking staring back at him in his reflection. He is definitely a sub, but with a little extra fire. It's okay. He was expecting it. His mate, on the other hand, couldn't be happier.

Titus takes Aden home, and the pack only has good things to say about the new addition. They instantly embrace him as one them, and Aden starts feeling a little better about life as a werewolf. 

The rules of the pack are hard at first. He clings to some of his human tendencies and finds himself getting annoyed with all these dominants ordering him around.

But, the rules are there to protect him. A sub with beautiful white fur is bound to attract attention from males looking for that perfect mate. Because in this world, even the strongest werewolves' mates are at risk of being stolen.

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RottenPotatoe RottenPotatoe Jul 13, 2017
I'm thrown back when I had my spinal fusion...and every period ever 😀 
                              I luv my mommy lol
mangatake mangatake Apr 26, 2017
Not sure if I'm werewolf form it would make sense to say that his face went white. It's covered with in fur, the skin color wouldn't show.
RottenPotatoe RottenPotatoe Jul 13, 2017
That's it, Aden! Comfort before......hoes. eh that didn't rhyme
ginger___blossom ginger___blossom Mar 05, 2017
Hey, check out my Fantasy Slice-of-life story!  It has supernatural creatures who have to deal with the everyday strife of school and the struggles of being different.
BlackPinkMaknae BlackPinkMaknae Mar 12, 2016
So can someone explain the difference between the original amd the new version cause I dont know if I should re read
Kiss_KissXx Kiss_KissXx May 29, 2015
"See what my baby looks like" that's what she said, cut out "my baby"