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"If anything were to happen to you because of me-"

"Ana," A shriek escaped from Christian's mouth. He woke up with a jerk, his body drenched in sweat, a huge panic registered on his face. Morning alarm blasted at 6 am. It was raining in Seattle after a long time. The nightmares were becoming stronger day by day, although, two years had passed since that fateful night. But Christian seemed to be stuck forever in that tragic day.

At every instance he used to explain himself to move forward and that life had been always challenging and cruel to him, but he wasn't able to get acquainted with the fact that the unimagined had happened. He stood up and went for a glass of Armagnac because no way could a wine had given him the comfort he needed at the moment.

As he went to the kitchen bar his eyes automatically moved upstairs. He found himself proceeding towards the submissive's room to check whether she was there or not. She wasn't. She had left. Christian felt a relief. Yes, he couldn't betray his wife, yes he still loved his wife. Fucking a submissive and beating the shit out of her wouldn't let him get out of the heavy turmoil that was seething inside him.

This had become a pattern for every weekend. He used to call a submissive, but every time whenever anyone tried to come near him, he couldn't bare it, and would go away leaving the sub to enjoy the immense luxuries of Escala for some time and return back to never come again. Things were getting difficult day by day, he thought.

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I just  thank that they have some good books. That just shows life time in the real world
Okey I'm new, i just started reading your book... But this, so what she died???? Wtf 😵😵😵
Just started reading, a recommendation from a fandom friend. Ana is gone, where to? The rest  of the story will tell me.
Wtf.... i thot he was cheating on her.... this is even worse....
LenjenMutia LenjenMutia Jun 13
I Really Like This Movie From Fifty Shades Of Grey To Fifty Shades Darker
ShantaeWheeler5 ShantaeWheeler5 Mar 14, 2016
This is probably my fourth time reading this much love one of my favorite fan fiction