Simple & Clean [Pietro x Reader]

Simple & Clean [Pietro x Reader]

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Tadashi-Targaryen (Jess) By Tadashi-Targaryen Completed

"I want you to remember one very important thing. If things get bad, we can do more than just clean."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Don't worry about what it means for now. Just remember it, okay?"

Tony Stark felt bad that Pepper was always left with the mess at Avengers Tower. Between him, the rest of the team, and the new additions of the Maximoff twins, he knew that she couldn't essentially be the one running Stark Industries and cleaning up after them all the time. It was too much for one person.

To alleviate Pepper's stress, Tony begins searching for a live-in maid. Best friends (YN) and Imani have been running a cleaning service for years, and when they find out that Mr. Stark is hiring, the two friends know that this could be their big break.

After all, (YN) and Imani are not just maids. They're mutants.

SamNagasawa SamNagasawa May 21, 2016
No, that one Tony Stark that sells "cookies" behind the corner drug store.
ZymophoreStrings ZymophoreStrings Dec 16, 2016
Whiplash~ [You'll get this reference if you're a true Quicksilver fan XD]
TARDIS-elf TARDIS-elf Apr 28, 2016
Imani, I may have failed to mention that I did call in earlier...
SamNagasawa SamNagasawa May 21, 2016
All the dresses I own I bought at Hot Topic so you know they're kick *ss! And comfy 😀
TARDIS-elf TARDIS-elf Apr 28, 2016
Oasis_Wolf Oasis_Wolf Jun 28, 2016
I can't be the only one who thought screwdriver before the hedgehog