Star wars; A new Force

Star wars; A new Force

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Marloes By Marloesbo Updated Jan 18, 2016

17 year old Kara Nightshade was born on a mysterious planet, Kaitara. People believed it was just a fairytale. On that planet, people possessed great power. Greater than the force known. 

Kara left the planet when she was 13. She went to Coruscant, home of the Galactic Senate. There she started her new life as a Bounty Hunter. 

She was assigned to kill a Jedi master, master Zygon but when here mission failed her new life had just started...

*This story is set somewhere around the beginning of episode 3 of star wars.

djartz101 djartz101 Feb 24, 2016
Please continue the story!! I can't sleep at night because I dont't know what goes next!!!!
                              This fanfic is the best thing ever, I have even been sneaking my tablet to class just to read it XD
                              Keep up the good work and may the force be with you ;)
jojotheflamingo jojotheflamingo Jul 25, 2016
Out of curiosity is Kaitara a real Star Wars planet or one you created. Either way I dig the concept!
TheSlothLord TheSlothLord Feb 16, 2016
Super powerful Jedi Councilman who we never saw in the movies, even though every Jedi councilman was seen in the movies AND LISTED BY NAME IN THE BOOKS.  Just sayin'
What an idiot, you don't just come up to a strange girl and say that she's hot. Dumby.(not the writer the muscled guy)
kolokotronis12345678 kolokotronis12345678 Jun 16, 2016
                              Θέλεις να ρίξεις μία ματιά στην ιστορία μου; Λέγεται(τα έξι δακτυλίδια και το ενα σκηπτρο)το δημοσίευσα σήμερα,τωρα.
nohast nohast Feb 22, 2016
Awesome book! I'm writing a similar type of fanfiction and it's really great to see other ideas like it like your book!