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auntkambam By auntkambam Updated 3 hours ago

Elaine never had a desire to get married. When the other young women of the clan were learning embroidery and cooking Elaine was hunting. Her fiery spirit refuses to be tamed. She is forced into a marriage for the sake of her clan. When she enters a new clan her life is changed forever.
  Book #2

juazeri juazeri Oct 21, 2016
Poor Ben this is my first historical fiction cant say i am disappointed  i tried it out reading this book
vickky577 vickky577 Oct 24, 2016
I really enjoyed this seriously. I got the lessons i would consider moral. And this is what i found : that what matters most is love and not wealth, marrying the right man is a Gold never to be traded. Good job dear "
                              Will check around for more of your books 
vickky577 vickky577 Oct 24, 2016
So sorry dear, I guess i typed this on the wrong page. But never, WI check this out too.
coolcathy123 coolcathy123 Jul 08, 2016
Lol I bet she's feirce based on actually not much but whatever a guess is a guess oh and she opposite of what he think
crazykate76 crazykate76 Nov 11, 2016
Redheads usually are little spitfires. This ought to be interesting.
Double_E_Bruh Double_E_Bruh Nov 03, 2016
The scene could have been better. If she is depicted as a strong lead, then she should have been more resistant to marry him. Just putting it out there