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( I wont be using anyones pov for this chapter it will just give you a look into one of the main 

This was many of the usual  pet stores that inhabited every major city around the world. Since Vampires and Werewolves had come out of hiding and taken rule of the human race. Humans were forced to either be slaves or pets. If you were a slave you were expected to do anything and everything your master told you and that included using your own body to make them feel good. where as a pet you had the choice be treated like an infant or an animal most of the people chose to be animals but Christopher debated the thought of being a baby again to be held and loved. Cared for. He never had this growing up he was abused and harmed in anyway you could think off.  But enough about a backstory that a master wouldnt give a flying hoo ha about. he sat in a small rusted cage with old ragged shorts on. As well as a small torn vest that helped show how thin and weak he was. Anyone who looked would be ab...

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