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Styx: The River of Hate [malexmale]

Styx: The River of Hate [malexmale]

704K Reads 30.8K Votes 15 Part Story
Rotty By rotXinXpieces Completed

{Inferi Sequel} Banished from his own pantheon, Sept lets fate bring him into the service of Theo, one of the Seven Sons of Hades. However, he doesn't remember signing up for what Theo has in store for him... [Warning: Contains graphic adult themes and offensive content]
Trigger Warning: Self-harm

Can anyone tell me if in any of the books if we get to see Adrian and Malachi's POV?
he always the god of theives and will steal ur godhood nigga
Coming back here after reading fear the reaper and now I'm scared shirtless for this couple
vkm014 vkm014 Feb 12
When this is a malexmale book and there straight  smut in it everyone comments there hate 😂😂
Shut up with your heterophobia lmao i get its a bxb book but its so annoying whenever theres something not gay and people are like "EW" like that really fûcking annoying
Cerberus is supposed to be scary but I picture him as a Labrador puppy