The Immortal Princess [Magi x Insert Fem!Reader]

The Immortal Princess [Magi x Insert Fem!Reader]

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rochelleurcia By rochelleurcia Updated Jul 18, 2015

A/N:Before you start...

Bold Letters-mean they communicate through they're minds 


It's was a normal day for the people of Sindria,always doing their business.But as for today humors had been spreading about a very famous hero,Nala.Her or His name had been spreading nation wide.

"Hey you know what...Nala save a village from a group of gremlins..."said a guy

"Such a great hero,so did you know what's her or his gender...I've heard she or he doesn't reveal her or his gender..."said another guy

"Yup but i bet its a girl!"said the first guy

"No...who would believe that...i bet its a boy because girls are too weak"said the second guy

The two keep arguing about Nala's gender,some of the people around them stare at them and also argue with the two bakas about Nala's gender.

And out of nowhere Alibaba,Morgiana and Alibaba stop to where they are heading and stare at the ruckus.

"Nala...that name is always getting popular every single day"said...

xaolina1 xaolina1 Aug 07, 2016
She or he can please be turned in to they or them ....... o-o
Idk why but as soon as I saw the word 'rainbow', I started thinking about yaoi..
When I hear the word fellow it just makes me think its a boy not girl,when its neither
"Devilish, strict and handsome face"
                              It's official, Sharkkan's gay
Unlink098 Unlink098 Nov 16, 2016
Y'know there is a pronoun called "their" to refer to two or more genders at the same time. Just saying