Mean to YOU | chillsysteayna

Mean to YOU | chillsysteayna

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Chelsea Plaza By chillsysteayna Updated May 16, 2016

Meet Lucy Heartfilia, the girl whose charms can swift you away.

She's sweet, smart, talented and is the ever youngest SC President declared in her prestigious school, Maiden High.. which is apparently a school exclusive only for girls. 

But despite having these characteristics, she is apparently one of those few girls who doesn't believe in love.

But things started to change when this man-hater and 'fairytale's happily-ever-after' unbeliever met the Fairy Academy's hottest school jock.. Natsu Dragneel.

what will become of this meet up?! what's the reason Lucy hate guys so much? will Lucy finally see the wonders of love? or will she experience the worst side of it?!

So just coz you got a position as the class president, do you think you can untitle the SCHOOL president? You are no match, Lisanna 😎
Hinata36 Hinata36 Aug 17
Probably Lissana just wants to be popular. A former friend of mine, did that to me •-•
grimmyema grimmyema Apr 25
^ that is because she is JUST the SCHOOL PRESIDENT.... yeah that's no biggie
Hinata36 Hinata36 Aug 17
Me •-• 
                              Although im not saying im too great im saying im not worth it
41628M 41628M May 09
Uh... BU-BYE BU-BYE👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
I don't make friends but I let them believe that it just makes it easier when I leave