My Vocaloid Lover (Len Kagamine X Reader Fanfic) [ON HOLD]

My Vocaloid Lover (Len Kagamine X Reader Fanfic) [ON HOLD]

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MegaBlazethecat By MegaBlazethecat Updated Jul 01, 2018

Have you ever wonder what's it like to have a Vocaloid in your life. Think of all the things that you would do with them like you can befriend them, dance and sing with them, have fun with them or if possible, fall in love?

Taken place in futuristic Japan, the whole country was filled with robotics and modern technology like nobody could ever imagine. There was peace, harmony, determination, friendship and love.
This story talks about an intelligent, kind and easy going girl named, (Y/N) {you}, living in a house full of machinery and robotics with intelligent and loving parents, cute Japanese dog and a friendly but fiesty house-keeping robot.
Her life was quite simple really. She's a regular high school student who hangs out with friends, and not to mention she listens to Japanese songs sang by a Jpop group of singers called Vocaloid, which is actually a voice synthesizer that can make the specific vocal sing. 
But, when her 14th birthday came, she gets a special gift from her father and her life changed. What could it be? Find out!
*Kagamine Len belongs to VOCALOID
*This fanfic belongs to Me (MegaBlazethecat)
*I DON'T own the picture on the cover. I just found it on Pinterest (so CREDITS to the owner) and edited it using Canva :) (Link:
Note: (Y/N) means Your Name

Date created: October 2015/Late 2015

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