I'm to fat your to old

I'm to fat your to old

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This story is about a girl that is 16 years old named Chloe smith. Chloe is the fat girl at her school and she is hates it she has to work all the time she has a druggie mom a dad that's is never home a sister that is specially challenged she is alone in the world almost until she meets the sexy cocky guy that is Zach grey                                 

Zach grey 26 and is the is biggest most feared guy in town he had a lot of tattoos he also a gang leader he smokes drinks party's and does what ever he wants and he wants Chloe to be his girl

A/n this story is very sexual and has depression and other things that can be trigging to some people

I used to love running day. I would prove that big girl can run more than them
flourel flourel Jun 14
Can I just point out that you used the wrong homophone in your cover and title. 
                              To is when you are going somewhere or describing someone (ex: I gave it to her)
                              While the correct "to" you should have use is too: 
                              She's too fat and he's too old
LanaDelRey1991 LanaDelRey1991 Nov 24, 2016
I wear a 1x and extra large to hide my ass...it's big and scary
DalisiaMunn DalisiaMunn Dec 14, 2016
Insecurities can be prominent some days and others not. It just how girls judge theirselves that make them so glorified and out there we compare and contrast girls thinner or who gets noticed more and we try to be them . In stead of embraceing who we really are and accepting our diffrences
- - Mar 01, 2016
Plz update!!! !!!! I will like and comment every page 
                              : )
LanaDelRey1991 LanaDelRey1991 Nov 24, 2016
I think I'm big but everyone says I'm skinny with fat ass. Maybe girls are just naturally harder on themselves