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Blue Ember (Pietro Maximoff)

Blue Ember (Pietro Maximoff)

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bookheroine By bookheroine Updated Oct 30, 2015

Athena Dawson has a power that is beyond her, and as she struggles to control it, she is forced to flee from society with the help of Dr. Bruce Banner. But after a pair of twins take her into S.H.I.E.L.D, she is forced to stay  under their watch. --- Pietro tries desperately to remove himself and Wanda from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hold, but as he does everything he can to protect his sister, he begins to realize that the hold he feels isn't from S.H.I.E.L.D, but from the girl with the blue flames.--- Both struggle to protect the ones they love, but what happens when Hydra comes back to ruin their lives?

When you're Keeper Of The Lost Cities trash and your only thought is about how people with this power are banned and it's legit lit as duck to have
TuxTheDog TuxTheDog Mar 30
Technically you can't "create" fire since matter cannot be created nor destroyed but you can make fire out of the matter and materials around you. But i'll stop being a smart ass and move on.
SHADOW031102 SHADOW031102 Jun 14, 2016
How many other abilities that end with kinesis? 
                              What others?
TheConsultingDemigod TheConsultingDemigod May 24, 2016
Meh......I like Umbrekenisis way more....its the manipulation of shadows....bending them to your will.....traveling through them....very dark and mysterious! That is the power I wish to have along with reminds me of Hades the Greek god of the Underworld......
LFrm128S LFrm128S Jul 28, 2016
I'm listening to Light 'em up and it fits perfectly and also in many Percy Jackson fanfics that song is sung by Leo cause he is the HOT repair boy. Literally he is like the Fantastic Fours Human Torch.
TheConsultingDemigod TheConsultingDemigod Dec 14, 2016
When I see pyrokenis I think of Rory (Heatwave from DC) and his flame gun...I'm scared to think of what he would do if he had pyrokenis...He set his house alight along with his family because he loved to watch things burn...scary...