Black Beauty | 1 → DIVERGENT AU ✓

Black Beauty | 1 → DIVERGENT AU ✓

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— ENJAJAJA By spideyvibes Completed

Her once true love defects to Dauntless, abandoning her.

Penelope finds herself lonesome two years later. She has everything she could ask for, but nothing is fulfilling. That's until she comes across Charlie again. Old feelings are lost but something is still there. Until it all comes to an end.

A marriage has been arranged for her.

Penelope is to marry a Dauntless leader, whom she's come across a few times but never formally met. The marriage is for the hope of reconciliation between both factions - Amity and Dauntless.

Can wickedness mix with kindness?

→ WARNING: some scenes of physical and sexual abuse i.e. MATURE CONTENT
→ All rights over my original characters and plot of this book; other rights to Veronica Roth.

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Yes! I love mythology, thankyou for incorporating this into your story!
Just_a_fangirl0318 Just_a_fangirl0318 Oct 25, 2016
I remember reading this a while back and I'm sooo happy I found it again. I loved this book and I can't wait to get caught up!!!
Lizmgc13 Lizmgc13 Nov 06, 2015
I love your writing so much. I can't stop reading your stories! It is addicting. I have piles of homework to do, but who needs homework when you have fan fiction, am I right?
JosieVojnic JosieVojnic Jul 07, 2015
I love this! I've seen you reading different fanfics because of the comments and it seems that me and you have the same taste
spideyvibes spideyvibes May 15, 2015
@DauntlessAmity4ever np & ty so much . you'll probably hate him .
DauntlessAmity4ever DauntlessAmity4ever May 15, 2015
Thanks for the dedication!! I'm loving it so far! Can't wait to see your spin on this Eric.