Death's Vengeance

Death's Vengeance

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"Revenge is a confession of pain" 
That is my life motto, it's what I go by everyday. That is however until I attempt to kill my chosen soulmate. Then things change...
My name is Elizabeth Knight and I'm a werewolf. My story is not your average whirlwind romance, where the guy gets the girl and everything's fine and dandy. Oh that only happens in fairy tales love.....So I suggest you buckle up and prepare for the ride of your life, cause you're certainly going to need it! 

Note: This story is currently being edited so excuse any spelling errors and mistakes

Cover by the amazing @tokiohotelfan go check her out now!

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i love the way you described your story.. so i'll start reading..
i love the way you described your story.. so i'll start reading..
Moon-Rabbit Moon-Rabbit Jan 26
Um since you said I could point them out you made a simple mistake in which ice made before so it's no big deal it's just that shouldn't it say '-I will correct them when I have the time'? Not '-I will correct then when I have the time'?
- - Jul 16, 2015
This is amazing! Like wow :) Your descriptions are awesome and I'm already loving this story!
ImmortalImpulse ImmortalImpulse May 29, 2015
Very good so far!! I love how you explained what she was feeling and the descriptions were over the top! (: