The Cold Hearted Animatronic ( Golden Freddy X reader ) [#Wattys2016]

The Cold Hearted Animatronic ( Golden Freddy X reader ) [#Wattys2016]

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What will happen when a annoying and childish person and a cold hearted and mean person collided? there would be chaos of course! Just like you and Golden Freddy. You worked as a night shift in the pizzeria. The animatronic are kind and love u except for one... Golden Freddy. But sooner you didn't knew that Golden Freddy is starting to fall inlove with you and asked you to be his girlfriend. But you didn't knew there was a gang searching out for you and one of them want you... to be his. Can Goldy even protect you from them? and who is this 'his'?


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I bow down to this amazing author who made this amazing story... *Bows down*
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Dark brown but in the light a light brown with like hints of dark red
                              RUN CHILD RUN! *runs out window with nutella*
                              Yeah I decided to read the series again :3
Change colors depending on mood but is naturally dark brown but usualy turn dark gold with light purple rims around the pupil
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*kills self and comes out as a ghost and looks at my body* I wim