An Alpha's Love

An Alpha's Love

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☾ Nina ☽ By solsticed Updated Jan 14

"You're mine," he growls lowly, bringing me back into his warm embrace.

"I don't understand," I whisper as a few tears run down my cheeks.

Braxton reaches up and softly caresses my face, before using his thumb to brush away the tears.  "You will," he promises, placing a soft kiss on my forehead.  "For now, just accept the fact that I love you."


For seventeen years, Brynlee Alexander has lived a normal human life.  She has her fair share of friends, gets good grades, and has a passion for photography.  But, her rich parents don't give her the time of day, so she's adapted to being on her own.   While traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest, she unknowingly stumbles into the Dark Eclipse Pack's territory.  Follow Brynlee on her journey to learn the truth about who she really is, and what it means to be an Alpha's mate.

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Why they always say 'mine' in that creepy-ass voice like c'mon
_wnadeena _wnadeena Aug 07
i thought they were mates but then i remembered that they have the same eye color in the last chap
roughallover roughallover Feb 06, 2016
Washington people smh don't realise when they are being rude. I'm laughing Oml
beautiful_suffering beautiful_suffering Mar 02, 2016
That moment when you go to another chapter and the first thing you see is the love of your life and you're just like😍❤️💞💘💖💗💝💞💓💟💜💙💚💛❣
margarittaaaaa margarittaaaaa Mar 14, 2016
Omg is this something like the mortal instruments with sebastian and clary?!?!?!
supernatural_bish_ supernatural_bish_ Mar 23, 2016
Cliche, but this is probably the best part of a warewolf story. It always jumps starts the feels in to turbo gear 😁😄😊