Kingsfoil [Thranduil]

Kingsfoil [Thranduil]

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Raider-k By Raider-k Updated Jul 21

Love has the power to heal the deepest wounds. 

Set during Lord of the Rings.  Thranduil/OC

Thranduil's not afraid to do whatever necessary to push back the darkness threatening his forest. The hands of the king have the power to heal, but will it be enough to save his kingdom...and himself?

This story will have romance, adventure, friendship, angst, and a lot of dwarves generally misbehaving.

Written by an author who has read ALL the books and seen the movies.  Story will follow book canon, not necessarily some of the things that PJ added to the movies.

Beautiful cover art by the talented Kimberly80 on deviantart.

I love this! Not only is it accurate to the books (which so few things are) it's actually written in a very Tolkien-like style!
Raider-k Raider-k Apr 22
So I have a prequel story 'Wanderlust' that's a Legolas-centered story
earwen_eledhwen earwen_eledhwen Jan 18, 2016
eeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh my god I'm so ready for the feels roller coaster that's coming
earwen_eledhwen earwen_eledhwen Jan 18, 2016
hello I have returned
                              I can't remember whether I obnoxiously commented on this story or was just a silent reader but I'm planning on rereading so get ready
KThierry KThierry Nov 18, 2015
And I'm super excited about finding a well written Thranduil fanfic!
TiedinRed TiedinRed Aug 02, 2015
You're writing is just excellent! It's so beautiful. ❤️ okay, I'll go back to reading now.