ugly words [UsUk]

ugly words [UsUk]

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lildugas By fuglychan Updated Oct 15, 2016

England found the only way to talk to his crush was to start some senseless argument. It was working pretty well until he couldn’t find anymore things to argue about. Nagging about America’s weight and calling him fat was the only way for them to have a conversation. 

But when America goes insane over it, he diets in an attempt to be “skinny” like England wants him to be. And since England keeps lying and calls America fat (even when America lost over fifty pounds and is under average) America takes it to the extreme and stops eating totally. 

England didn’t even notice that every word he didn’t mean, meant the world to America. How could he get over that guilt? Easy. He makes sure he can’t say a mean word again. He cuts out his tongue. 

* * * 



queenoftheemocorner queenoftheemocorner Nov 17, 2016
iggy~...........if alfred gets hurt becuase of this iḿ going to chearfully beat to to a bloddy pulpy mess
Cutie3439 Cutie3439 Jun 12, 2016
stantyecat stantyecat Oct 26, 2016
I actually did a quiz about what 'Dere' I was and it said I was a Tsundere.
                              And it usually has a picture of a Tsundere, guess who it was?
                              Our own fem!england.
AppieBark AppieBark Dec 29, 2016
I just know this is going  to go down hill quick. I need a tissue box like now.
Cutie3439 Cutie3439 Jun 12, 2016
Do what over obsessed fangirls would do: lock him in your room (with you of course) and do.....things
ZimVader0017 ZimVader0017 May 04, 2016
*Reads story info*
                              Oh, come on man, that's not nic-*gets to the last line* WAIT,  WHAT THE HELL?!