Adopted to Daddies (Book 1) ( Editing)

Adopted to Daddies (Book 1) ( Editing)

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Fierylight By Fierylight Updated Jan 18

"What did daddy say BabyGirl?" Daddy Gale said.

     "N-Not too..." I whispered, and he let out a growl.

       "And did you listen to what daddy said?" Daddy Luke said impatiently.

         "N-No. But it wasn't my fault..." I whimpered.

           "Boys...she's scared." Daddy Derek said. He was my favorite...

             "But she broke the rules. And what happens when rules get broken?" Daddy Luke said angrily.

               "I get punished." I whispered. 

                 "Good girl." They all said.

                         I'm in some deep shit...

 Book 1 of.....

Star-Knight Star-Knight Aug 26
There are a lot of people out there today that are lucky to be alive. They lucky I have Control
This is the second time I read this book and I don't remember this part for some reason
Moonbeatx Moonbeatx Aug 23
This is my luck lmao😂 I would talk shīt and get fùcked up but aye, at least I said it to ur face
they only would spread them if they had real men around and clearly you guys aren't real men
That's not something to be laughing about some ppl are struggling little boy u betta shut up b4 I pop u in ya face
"My brother wouldn't touch your titties with a 10 foot pole.He likes his women bad Lenora,not cheap." Anyone?Someone?Someone please tell me you get the reference?!Please?!