Meeting You (Kaoru X Reader)

Meeting You (Kaoru X Reader)

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Morrigan/Levi By MK_Raven Updated May 25, 2016

You're the new transfer student at Ouran. Hikaru and Kaoru decide that you shall be their new "toy" as they would call it, until Kaoru starts to fall for you. Hikaru is not too happy about that! Will you fall for Kaoru, or will Hikaru steal your heart? 

(y/n)= your name

I do not own Ouran High School Host Club, the characters, or you!

*Written in first person~ I, me, my

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superbearbears superbearbears Nov 15, 2017
For a minute I thought there were gonna be a Liv and Maddie moment where my twin is known as "the pretty one"
I live in northern Ohio and it snows all the time during the winter. It is literally snowing right now XD
ciel1senpai ciel1senpai Feb 04
I'm in Montana there's snow here rn there's always snow tons of snow
Bella_is_here Bella_is_here May 28, 2017
lel havin a twin sucks cuz ur always compared to them. I has a fraternal twin and he looks nothing like me and I'm still compared to him
Gisselle-Writes Gisselle-Writes Jul 17, 2017
I have a twin but she/he died before I could meet her/he when I was born she/he poofed away
HGhannahgirl HGhannahgirl Jun 02, 2017
LOOK A LIKE........... BUM BUM BUUUUM..... do dado ta do dooooo..... tick tack.... LOOK A LIKE.........
                              Reminded me of the find the look a like thing on the wii