My Brother's Best Friend. {Gay Love Story}

My Brother's Best Friend. {Gay Love Story}

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• Please DO NOT read this; I was 12/13 when I wrote it and it is not an accurate telling of my writing now!! I  am only leaving it up to see my improvement through my writing stages!! I'd rather you read my newer stories like The Heartbreaker or Truth of Dare!! Read at YOUR OWN risk!! • 

Sequel to My Sister's Boyfriend. 

When Benny and Bryce break up, Benny immediately goes into the funk of the decade. The only one who was able to pull him out for any short amount of time, was Lucas, Benny's older brother's best friend.

But just like Benny, Lucas has problems of his own, the biggest one being that his father just passed away in the Army. When Benny realizes that he needs Lucas, just like Lucas needs him, they begin to hang out constantly. And just like a snap of the fingers, both their lives take a turn for the better. That is, until they meet Benji Winchester at a local club, a gay club to be specific.

Benny had been begging for days for Lucas to take him to the club with the special ticket Lucas had received as a Christmas present thinking it might help him get over Bryce once and for all. Lucas finally agrees, but being left alone for close to 3 hours, despite multiple gay people hitting on him, the older boy starts to worry and goes to find him. When Lucas finds Benny, he immediately regrets looking for him.

That one night brings on questions that he doesn't know how to answer. Like, why does he hate anyone that comes close to Benny? Why does he feel complete bliss when around the lazy boy? Why can said boy make him feel like he can fly? What's happening to him? He's straight right?

Well, who knows anymore?

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Fruity_Passion Fruity_Passion Aug 16, 2017
Skinny jeans? V neck? And yiu call yourself a straight man lolol....lukey you have no idea what coming ur way
smol_chan smol_chan Jan 06
Damn, you say gay so much its hard to believe that you're straight. Ooohhh waitt, your not, my bad
WolfBoy_015 WolfBoy_015 Apr 06, 2017 name is's not the same but it's close enough 😆
phanisthedeathofme phanisthedeathofme Dec 23, 2017
The last name lsbskalapkwndkspmebeowpsmndjsoslndbdjdidikdkdjfjjfjfjfospowowlsmxnch
GoneToFar GoneToFar Mar 23, 2017
He doesn't deserve that name..... Unless he's a badass hunter that hangs out with Sam and Dean....or is related to Sam and Dean....
- - Feb 28, 2017
I believe Benny's looking straight (or should i say gay) at him.....