complicated ↬ j.s. + c.l.

complicated ↬ j.s. + c.l.

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New Jaspar story! Yay! 

WARNING: This book contains smut, cheating, mentions of abuse, confrontation, fluff, angst, underage drinking, and ships you may not approve of.

"...ugh, fuck, yes harder!"

Joe moans into the pillow, fingers clenching into the bed sheets. He'll have to clean them tomorrow but right now he's being fucked far too thoroughly to give a shit about the state of the linens.

"Tight, god, you're so tight," his boyfriend groans above him, licking at the top of his spine as he thrusts harshly into Joe. "Take it, yeah, like that. Jesus you're so hot like this."

Whimpering, Joe collapses into the mattress because his legs are shaking and they give out. His sensitive dick rubs relentlessly at the soiled linens beneath him and good god, he's going to hurt so bad. This is the third time today, the third time he's been fucked senseless and he loves it, he loves it.

"Yes, ah, right th - right there, don't stop," Joe pants, gripping the headboard of his dorm room b...

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Rini2012 Rini2012 Apr 21
Is it weird that I imagine Joe as a top and Caspar as a bottom? I also imagine Connor a bottom too.
Grac3x00 Grac3x00 Jan 26
Wow, I was so smart. That was the first time I had read this book
daddytracob daddytracob Dec 01, 2016
Grac3x00 Grac3x00 Jan 26
He better not accidentally moan. I can't remember if he does or not and I'm scared