Rebellious Yet Obedient!

Rebellious Yet Obedient!

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SoulOutBreak By SoulOutBreak Completed

Erik is an openly gay 16 year old nerd. 

He keeps to himself, he has no friends since his quiet but his okey with that, his life is as boring as ever, he goes to school comes back home, locks himself in his room either reading, watching movies, or studying. 

But that all changes when he listens to a single phone conversation, when his not supposed to, but not any phone conversation, the schools bad boy's conversation! 
Ryder and Ryden are the hottest guys in Easton High. But not only that, their also identical twins and the bad boys. 

Both guys and girls want them, but their untouchable.

Their a mystery, no one can figure them out, not even their friends. 

When they walk through the school halls everyone stops looking at them. 

But every bad boy has a story behind them. 

Whats Ryder and Rydens story?


This book is :

• A Light-BDSM Book.
• Boyxboy.
• Contains Mature Content.
• For 18+ Readers.
• Complete.

Thank you!
I hope you Enjoy the book.

Im in a bus reading this and im trying not to die of laughter
Damn, just act like its a snake and dont move or breath or make any noises. Hell id wish to die right that second
syd104 syd104 Aug 25
The second Hand Embarrassment is like killing me inside right now
I recently turned but that has never stopped me 😀 and by the looks of it it hasn't stopped a lot of other people
syd104 syd104 Aug 25
I had to get up and walk away from my phone, and then come back and start silently screaming in to pillow OH MY G😂😂😂😂😂😣😣😣😣😣
Books like this with second hand embarrassment make me wanna kill myself