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Autistic trust

Autistic trust

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BieberHoranStyles By bieberhoran9394 Updated May 31, 2015

Justin was born with autism and he now is only 5 years old but he's tall and big like a strong fit muscular 21 year old should be. Justin lives in an orphanage for boys but he is almost separated from the other orphan boys cause he's is different. Why is he different here's why when he was 3 years old his parents planed a car accident that later did happen leaving one side of his face scared up and he others side is like not touched and after the accident the doctors though he would never be able to walk again so let's get this straight Justin looks like he does now sexy everyone in the story thinks he just some hot stupid guy but he has type 3 autism witch is the rarest of all types of autism his hair looks like 2013,2014,2015 mixed but that darker brown with some blonde highlights he is the cute sweet Justin that we all will love I know I love him but that's his opening 
Ariana grande is a 23 year old stay at home mom yes she has 2 other children Cody 15 years old and Dylan 13 years

Well does her other sons adopted too because you can get a child at the age of 8 and on 10. ? 😉
abusives abusives Jan 16, 2016
how is justin 5 but goes to high school ???
                              this story makes no sense...
Nutellaprincess01 Nutellaprincess01 Jun 19, 2015
wait if Justin is five why is she breastfeeding him he's not a baby
bieberhoran9394 bieberhoran9394 May 22, 2015
Please people read my story I know you looking at it why not comment