Little bride (diabolik lovers)

Little bride (diabolik lovers)

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BTS ARE THE KINGS By MyYumaObsession Updated Nov 08, 2016

It was another day in her worthless life. She had to go to church school where all the kids there would bully her. She was only 7 yet she acted much more mature. One day she is wandering around since she has nowhere else to go because the church kicked her out. She stumbles upon a huge manor and goes to knock on the door by instinct. She is then led through a world that she thought never existed. Also,little did she know that she was slowly melting the brothers hearts. Everything is fun until they find something out about her that she never even knew she was.....

I do NOT own any of the these characters. Also this is my second fanfic the other one I just wrote because I was bored. I am sorry if it isn't that good. Also this will be a sad emotional story (or at least I will try to make it that way).

I hope you enjoy!!!

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ClaireBearOHare ClaireBearOHare Nov 22, 2016
Bïtch you wanna get killed? Us girls have no problem doing that! *calls her gang* LETS HAVE SOME FUN WITH NATASHA GIRLS!!! *laughs maniacally*
KimRogue KimRogue Jun 22, 2016
It needs more detail, it doesn't look like a story , its more like your telling a story and not writing one and pls don't change the characters that's sorta annoying in fan fictions..
thisprince thisprince Feb 09, 2016
You wanna die Natasha? I'll sock you in the stomach. Now, apologize!
Sadistic_Emo Sadistic_Emo Jun 27, 2016
Described my life. Now I don't have friends, I have inanimate objects.
LadyJoker_Jesters LadyJoker_Jesters Jul 13, 2015
UWAAHHH I wanna cryy!!! poor little girl!!!! but I LOVE THIS!!