Trapped In Lord of the Rings | Book 1 |

Trapped In Lord of the Rings | Book 1 |

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Mira didn't ask to fall down the stairs. She didn't ask to be taken away to a world she couldn't escape. She didn't ask to be told a dire and deadly secret: But fate has a funny way of giving one what they don't ask for. Mira wasn't an exception, though she was a bit different.

She also didn't ask for magic, but hey, this is the Lord of the Rings we're talking about, the pride and joy of Tolkien Land. Magic happens.

Join Mira as she gets lost, finds an old guy who drags her across a different world, teams up with four small men who only reach her shoulder, and a bunch of other straight guys who fight over jewelry. This tale isn't exactly a legend, but it is a bit of a twist.

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