Better With Revenge

Better With Revenge

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ethereal- By eternalshadow Updated Feb 27, 2016

What if the thread you're holding on to finally breaks? What if you had enough? What if you just can't take it anymore?

Juliette is a werewolf but not just any normal one. No she's not alpha or beta or omega. She's special because she was born in a family of brilliance, not the parents but the kids. Considered as a failure compared to her siblings, she's treated like trash ever since her 6th birthday but never has she thought of running away.She loved her family even if they can't love her back. Heck, even her own mate rejected her and she's still hanging around though she does try to escape but somehow she always ends up back to her mate. She's learned to live with the hurt but an unfortunate incident leads her to the point of breaking.

One night, during a Hunter Attack, she was taken by them and was never heard of again. But there is an old saying that the past will always catch up.

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