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Demons and Psychos (A Kaisoo Fanfic)

Demons and Psychos (A Kaisoo Fanfic)

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JJblueotter By JJblueotter Completed

Do Kyungsoo is nineteen and stuck in a mental hospital since the age of twelve. Let's just say 'Hey son, we're sending you to your grandparents for the summer' does not actually mean what you think it would, especially when summer means forever. Now Kyungsoo hasn't done anything wrong particularly, it's just how he behaves, more or less. Even though killing a few people might be pushing it a bit far. Now calling Kyungsoo a psychopath is acceptable to a certain extent, a mastermind is the correct term used to describe him. Everyone is frightened of Kyungsoo. In their words he's a hopeless case. The mark on his neck gives him the name 'Devil'. Reason being that the mark on his neck is actually the symbol of the devil. People have thought it is a tattoo, or it could have even been burnt onto his skin yet they won't accept the real fact that it just appeared on the three year old Kyungsoo's neck one day while he was out in the garden. 
Kyungsoo has escaped many a time from the hospital but he always been caught. What will happen when he runs into a man that he doesn't even know he met sixteen years ago. 

"Who are you?"

"I'm your worst nightmare. I'm your best friend. I'm the devil."

7 years ago When I went to america I had to go to a private school cause I didn't understand. English, there was this mean ass lady and I said the exact same thing to her. Next thing you know the next day I'm on the plane back to India
satansoooo I love how this dark stuff is based off a meme 😂
thatsverlac thatsverlac Jun 12
okay but jongin is a pedo fam, stalking kyunggie since he was 3 damn
You think I'm crazy, you think I'm gone. So what if I'm crazy? All the best people are.
BTSinfiresMyJams BTSinfiresMyJams Dec 18, 2016
My best friend and I have nicknames for each other; She's Satan and I'm Lucifer
I need you girl, wae *mumbles in what she believes to be Korean*