Beginnings Restart - A Computer Life

Beginnings Restart - A Computer Life

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Amelia By StarGazerLilly Updated Feb 16, 2013

And then I woke.

I just did.

Mind blank, with no idea what I was.

Who I was.

Why I was.

I saw others, standing there, mind blank staring into the distance just as I had done seconds before.

Slowly everyone started looking around.

Sizing each other up.

I felt like if someone was to challenge me I would bite back, like crazy.

Suddenly the door opened.

I hadn't noticed the door.

I hadn't noticed we were in a room.

They ordered us up into rows.

I couldn't tell how many of us there was or of them.

We wore white, plain as day clothing, and they wore different clothing.

Different from each other.

"Welcome! Welcome hatchlings to Flasin Life! You have been born to live. To grow, and make use of yourself to others. You, as humans with no skill are called hatchlings. Over time you will gain skill, and you will need it for freedom. Outside this room is a world where monsters of all kinds wish to kill you. So you must learn fast or be reborn. After leaving this room you will have th...

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