Tronnor : Hostage

Tronnor : Hostage

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Rebecca By o2lcloudylove123 Completed

The gang was dark and violent, a patronising group of teenagers that took it too far.

 The task was an easy one. A simple robbery that went wrong.

Troye Mellet couldn't help it. He had to go along with the plan. He knew there would be consequences if he didn't. For a boy bullied into doing someone's dirty work he was quite confident, confident that he would finally be accepted.

Little did Troye Mellet know that he would be sucked into something much worse, much more evil and dangerous.

Little did Troye know that he would have to kill to save himself.

Little did Troye know that the very person he had to kill, was the one person that held his heart.

Little did he know that he would fall in love with the one person he shouldn't have.

The hostage.

(Coming July 2015)

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I never exercise but I'm usually one of the fastest, and I'm basically the only girl.
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You know you're trash for TØP when balaclava reminds you of them
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I read its as black baclava and i was so confused bc now is not the appropriate time to be eating middle eastern sweets
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