(Sequel to The Black Knight) Blackstone and Broken Things

(Sequel to The Black Knight) Blackstone and Broken Things

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Megan Lockhart By MeganLockhart Updated Jan 01, 2016

Sequel to The Black Knight

It was nothing but a marriage of convenience, where wealth, and title came together in a more agreeable manner than their unwilling parties did. 

Nathan Belgray The Duke of Clearshire had never considered marriage to his child bride Annabel Swiftlett, a girl of just seventeen and ten years his junior, nor had Anna ever thought of Nathan in such a manner. Yet, their respective families saw the match and smiled with clever cunning and cold calculating vengeance. 

For nearly ten years the two have shared the title husband and wife, and for ten years they had gone without one look at the other. Nate often attending to business in places unknown, while Anna is left in the country and to her own devices. It isn't until Nate receives the startling news that his wife is with child, that he was driven to see the woman he had all but abandoned nearly a decade before. And it isn't until he returns to Anna that he discovers the truth of the woman he married all those years ago.

Why is it that  even though storm and silence  a d black  night  seriea  are set  in same period....but here is the  women  are allowed to keep pistols....where as lilly  m has to force Mr Ambrose to give her.....but I like boldness of both  females  of both books
LYasLiCee LYasLiCee Sep 11
I had to re-read the 1st book to find Nathan 😂 oh, it's Hoss :/
StickyKeys86 StickyKeys86 Apr 28, 2016
Hey, don't be getting all pissy at the horse. 
                              Not his fault he's a magnet to the ladies
VibekeAndersen948 VibekeAndersen948 Nov 27, 2016
Dang how many children do they get 😁👏 There is Jamie, Sarah, Nate and one more brother in between
kaosi19 kaosi19 Oct 22, 2016
I like your stories. They take on the unexpected tales you don't find in novels and make them captivating. Thank you Author.
precious_kyrie precious_kyrie Nov 18, 2016
i love ur first book 'The Black Knight' and i'm starting to love this one so pls... pls update soon and finish this one too 👍👍👍👍