The Girl Behind the Mask (Sequel to The Boy in the Black Mask) (ON HOLD)

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Aly By AlwaysAly Updated 4 years ago
(Continuation of, The Boy in the Black Mask.)
    18 year old, Scarlet Rose, is now condemned to a horrible fate, locked behind bars for the crimes she has committed. Death is the only thing at the end of the road, a death penalty. She accepts her future, and has began to move on from the past, until everything changes. When Blake comes to visit her, letting her know that he's still alive,  he promises her something. He promises her that they will be together. But how is such a thing possible now? How far is he willing to go to help her escape? The real question is, does she want to? 
    Or does she know that she's far too dangerous to be set free once more?
    Follow Scarlet through her journey, through the lies, the pain, the death, and maybe even, another dark encounter with her past.
    Is death really the only true escape for her?
Oh my gosh! U need, need, need to update! Ive finishd readn TBITBM and it was amazn! Im not kiddn, u srsly need to update! :) xox
Hey I was just wondering if u are ever going to finish this book.
                                       Please finish it
When will you start wroting this story again? I just finished the boy in the black mask and I loved it! Cant wait to see what happens next. Pls update soon!
I usually vote after reading a story, just to make sure its good to the end. But I'm gonna vote and comment here first in the hope that you'll continue writing this story(: please do! Thanks ^.^
I was worried you wouldn't do a sequel! But you did! Yay! Can't wait to hear more!!
Ohmahgu. I screamed and jumped around when I got the email saying that this had been posted; I'm that excited! I love it, and I love you. Can't wait for more (: