Drop Of A Wand (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

Drop Of A Wand (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

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My name is Mackenzie Ellie Brooks. I'm a muggle and in love with the Harry Potter series. To me, the wizarding world is real and they just forgot to send me my Hogwarts letter. I'm 15 years old and live in California. I have a terrible stepmother and a lousy Dad. My real Mom died of Breast Cancer when I was 5. 

What happens when I find out the wizarding world is real and it rest in my hands to save as many people as possible? When happens when I fall in love with me favorite character because I was clumsy?

And to think, it all started with the drop of a wand.

I have been screaming internally since the beginning of this book and I'm about to explode if I don't let it out, but I can't because if I do my mum will know I actually am up at 3:00 in the morning reading fanfictions 😂😂😂 why must life be so difficult? 😂😂😂😂
It's ok
                              We can kill most of the men and only use them for breeding
                              Like Amazon
                              (Ps. This is a joke, calm yo tits and don't yell at me for joking)
BloodyBatty BloodyBatty Jan 24
If I saw Professor Dumbs at my door I would assume it was a cruel prank and someone hired the actors he'd have to prove to me it wasn't a prank THEN I would be ready in a minute!
MadEmmagirl MadEmmagirl Jan 24
if it were me: *blinks* you are.... you... GKGSHXGVRKDHXHDHDHDGAHHHHHHHHH. Okay, umm...... I'm ready for Hogwarts, no explanations needed thanks, sorry mum, dad, but this is.... magghiccccc and....... yay. and OMFD (OH my fluffy dog) IT'S FREAKING DUMBLEDORE.
fanfic4life346 fanfic4life346 Sep 30, 2015
I'm just wondering. Why did they have to win the lottery to go to Egypt. Can't they apperate
xnetflixbackup xnetflixbackup Sep 03, 2015
i think i saw him! 
                              never mind
                              it was the do