Dantiana -Harry Potter Fanfiction-

Dantiana -Harry Potter Fanfiction-

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Dantiana -Harry Potter Fanfiction-

Amortentia is a very powerful love potion. With just a sip, an obsession forms, a need to be with someone. Suddenly, everything about that person becomes the most attractive thing in the world. However, the effects to wear off, if another dose is not administrated. However, it cannot create real love.

But there's another love potion not many know about. Long since forbidden from use. Its effects are not immediate. But all it takes is a simple kiss, and then the drinker is infatuated. Obsessed. Some would even say in love. Forever.

And someone at Hogwarts just discovered its existence.

(Guys I know it's shit. Give it a chance. It isn't that long. It's also a Drarry. Feel better?)
Tanka to my amazing friend Opheliac_ for making the cover. I've said it countless times. Do I need to repeat your amazingness?

Word count: 7,002


tianimal123 tianimal123 Feb 14
silently hysterically laughing like a crazy lady by my parents
smileyanimeweirdo69 smileyanimeweirdo69 Dec 06, 2016
Ummm. Authorchan Pansy has straight black hair styled in a bob.
ParisianCoffeKat ParisianCoffeKat Jul 17, 2015
Oh I think I know. Ginny is a drarry shipper and speared that rumor so Draco would kiss Harry. I think